Monday, May 21, 2007

Day-by-day life

7 am- Wake up
8 am- Eat breakfast
9 am- Go running
10 am- Go swimming
11 am- Go shopping
12 pm- Eat lunch
1 pm- Shop more
2 pm- Do a nice deed
3 pm- Hang out with friends
4 pm- Tan
5 pm- Make dinner with Rachel Ray
6 pm- Eat dinner
7 pm- Watch T.v.
8 pm- Hang out with friends
9 pm- Play a game
10 pm- Invite friends over
11 pm- Talk with eachother
12 pm- Have a midnight snack
1 am- Sleep

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey Mom! Come to Nudidity!

Dear Mom,
This place is AWESOME! I made this place up in my mind and its everything i wished it would be! It is way way way better than any other place out there! Trees are abundant and there is not one single piece of trash on the ground! Beachs are blue-green (the way they should be) and the water is crystal clear. Sometimes I wonder how I ever became so brillant! My best friend lives across the street from me and every day we go tanning and swimming. Work isn't neccesary here either. Instead if you do a good deed you get money. Food and shelter is provided and money is only need for clothes and other extra things. Speaking of which, clothing is optional here. Its a way for everyone to seem a little less different. Its really nice actually. The weather is always nice and there is not one single spot of pollution, anywhere. By the way, everyone in Nudidity has a say. Not one single decision is made without the consent of everyone. So when you come here to live with me be prepared to live the life you always wish you had!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Government of Nudidity

Nudidity is a society for the people. Unlike the United States, the voting will be direct. Politicians will not be able to "blind" voters with costly advertisements. Voting will not be biased and instead will be purely based on the facts. If someone makes a promise, it must be fulfilled. This will be a Democracy.

The habitants of Nudidity will vote every 5 years for a new governing body. They will go into a room and pick from a computer who they choose. At the end of the day the computer will tally up the votes and printer a letter awarding presidency to the winner. This letter will be sent directly to the household of the winner and it will be publisized then and there.

The Rules of Nudidity

The Rules
1. Clothing is OPTIONAL!
2. Money is earned by doing good deeds.
3. People can work if they feel inclined to do so.
5. Fish are friends, not food. With exception to salmon and fish tacos on Fridays.
6. Exercise is encouraged.
7. Sleep is too.
8. DO NOT JUDGE! We are all homo sapiens.
9. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
10. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Nudidity Animal

The state animal of Nudidity is the butterfly because it represents freedom.

Nudidity Motto and Seal

Be nudey, show your booty!

This is the state seal ----->


The name of this society is Nudidity. This comes from the words nude, which means naked, and fluidity, which symbolizes like calm or go with the flow type of feeling.